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Be An Anteambulo

Vishal Kataria wrote:

Every artist whose work made an impact did more than just his work. He appreciated the opportunities he got to clear the path for patrons which in turn, helped him see how things worked on the inside and opened new doors for him. Rather than getting angry about having to “serve others,” artists saw this as ways to add value to their patrons. In the process, they added value to their own work and lives.

Being an anteambulo is not about making others look good. It’s about providing others with support so that they can be better. It’s about associating with people more successful than yourself and clearing the path for them. It’s about helping declutter their lives so that they can focus on their strengths.

Being an anteambulo is not being a sycophant. It’s not trying to make things look better. It’s not about sucking up to your boss so that you get a promotion or a better salary hike.

Like Vishal I came across this concept reading Ego is the enemy and found it really interesting. Making life easier for successful or people in a position of power seems counter intuitive, but has been the path to greatness for so many people. It is simply ego stopping everyone from doing similar things and exploring the opportunities that come your way.

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