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A Rallying Call To Myself

Since picking through a few ‘self-help books’ and business related topics I read through Ryan Holidays Ego is the Enemy. As many people that talk about the book note, I too spent the entire time reading it nodding along. Noticing traits in me and others that highlight how dangerous the Ego can be.

So, I sat down whilst on holiday and typed out a follow-up post about my battles with ego and my desire to keep moving forward. Highlighting my trait of often writing instructional posts that I don’t follow myself. Perhaps being overly critical to myself, but signing off in much better place than when I started.

Even though I sometimes take this ‘do as I say not as I do’ approach it can be a rallying call to myself. As much as when I write things in my morning pages advising myself what to do, it gives me something to look back on and compare to, and also myself a bit of a talking to.

Writing can often be cathartic and work in strange ways to help clear out thoughts in my head. Allowing me to deal with things and offer out a finality once I hit publish. If post like this don’t help you, they give a rallying call to myself, and that helps.

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