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On my return from holiday I bought something special, something that will allow me to work better, improve my set upand also enable me to work from home, but not always be at my desk.

Of course, I bought a MacBook Pro, and I am a little in love with the keyboard. Despite the butterfly version’s tendency to break all the time, and being a little strange to get used to, I thought it was perfectly fine. I typed out hundreds of thousands of words on it with no issues (I was one of the lucky ones), but the new old version returns to proper key switches and it is brilliant to write on.

Couple this with the improvements in my motivation, implementing some more creative practices and writing more notes, people have already noticed more posts coming out. This new laptop hasn’t caused it, but it has certainly helped.

I’m not publicly quitting the iPad again, more refraining from trying to fit a round peg in a square hole. The iPad is great for most things, but I use too many web tools not developed for anything other than a desktop browser, which is no fault of Apple. There are still a few quirks to iron out of iOS for me (Apple Notes still doesnt use CMD+K) but most of all, if I am being perfectly honest, I just feel more at home on macOS now.

My desk set up will become much slimmer, less intrusive when I am not actually working, and this thing is so powerful I can do all my design and creative work anywhere I like. We have discussed travelling a little in the next few weeks whilst still working so it is all exciting times ahead.

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