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Roam Research As My Second Brain

I have only written very briefly about my rapid adoption of Roam Research to dump all of my stuff into. In depth words are hard for me to sum up, I struggle to even bring together an outline of how I use it, simply because it is so flexible and powerful. I use it for everything from meeting notes to journalling, I put almost everything that I think about in here to form my second brain.

This is a widely used term to describe the process of loading everything to another place. Most people associate this with a note app, but it doesn’t have to be digital at all, it can simply be a notebook or task manager. I have tried this several times, and adopted Evernote and Apple Notes at different points in my life. Although they are both great apps, I could never access the information when I wanted to — or even better, when I wasn’t even aware I needed to.

By building out my second brain on Roam I can link together ideas that come from many places and piece them all together with ease. Of the notes apps I have tried, they make the process of storing and retrieving them liner by nature, whereas by using a bi-directional linking model, as Nat Eliason puts it, Roam allows “notes live nowhere and everywhere”.

New notes are created with minimal interaction, and because of the powerful underlying technology, ideas start to come together without any interaction from me. It only gets more useful the more information you put into it, linking together words and phrases that surface when I need them to. It is a strange system to get use to, and an expensive one to buy into, but it has already proven its worth for all aspects of my life and I truly can never go back.

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