5 Of My Favorite iOS Apps

A few times a year these kinds of posts start to appear. Around the time of installing new iOS updates, or getting a new phone, users start to think about what’s on their phone, and new people start to look for apps to use. Here are some of my favourite apps that are my first installs on any new phone.


I go backwards and forwards on podcast apps, but one that remains my favourite is Pocketcasts. It works brilliantly across platforms, so I can still use it when testing Android devices, but also has a great macOS app and web player.

You’ll have to upgrade to get all the features, but that’s only £9.99 a year and includes a brilliant watchOS app that streams podcasts even better than the stock app. Oh, and it looks awesome too!


Another staple of my daily usage is my task manager of choice, sure I have used others briefly, but it’s been on my device for years now. There are other apps that look prettier and perhaps have more in-depth customisation but to put it simply I can’t find any other app that can get your tasks from your brain into a plan quicker and easier. Todoist is also cross-platform and works petty much anywhere which is a huge bonus.

Dark Noise

Now for something completely different, an app that provides most of my background sound. Dark Noise is the app I turn to when working, it not only provides the best ambient sounds around but is also the best designed app I think I have ever seen! The developer Charlie is all kinds of awesome too.


When I am not listening to podcasts, or ambient noise I spend at least 20 minutes every day meditating. Headspace is a popular choice for those wanting to work on their mindfulness, and for good reason as its packed full of features. You can get 10 days free to try it out too!


Every year, when my subscription comes to an end, I try and find something better to use as a read it later service. Each year I fail. There are cheaper options, there are newer services but I simply can’t find anything better that captures all the text from articles and also surfaces posts about interesting topics. At £35 per year it’s not cheap, but you can use it completely free with a few customisations removed and also a few ads in your article feed.

Honourable mention to 1Password, Hey email, Reeder 5 and Strava. If I have missed something, don’t be shy let me know and recommend me your favourite apps.

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