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The iPhone 12 Line Up Points Out The Flaws In Me

I am a few days away from deciding on which iPhone 12 size to go for and it’s making me think deeper about myself than I am comfortable with. It’s a ridiculous issue to have, but it’s one that I have, so here we are.

For the last few years I have bought the new iPhone released no questions asked. iPhone 5s, 6, 6s plus, 7, X, XS Max and 11 pro. I chose each phone with little hesitation and carried on my merry way without a second thought. Something changed halfway through my time with the 11pro and I realised just how little I was using my £1000 smartphone, so I sold it and used an iPhone SE until the iPhone 12 launch.

Why is this important? Well, this just gives you backstory because this year the line up brings me so much indecision that I ordered three phones! Which is great and all but I now can’t decide which one to use.

There is enough between them to make the choice important, but this issue speaks about my current situation more than it does about the phones themselves. In a pandemic and working from home perhaps dictates a different choice in technology, and whilst I felt the Pixel 5 was made in a pandemic I think the iPhone 12 range is made for a very different work to the one we have now.

Which User Am I?

The iPhone 12 mini is the phone I want to be a user of. It’s small, light and fills me with minimalistic dreams that I can’t ignore. It’s everything I want from a smartphone, and most of all it leaves much less a mark on my life than the others do.

The iPhone 12 Pro is my default. It’s boring, unassuming but very able to do pretty much everything. It’s the compromise phone and consumes enough of the others in the line ability to potentially be my Goldilocks phone.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is me giving into my desires and getting what I really want. It caters to my narcissistic urges, is the most powerful and unapologetically massive. You can’t use it one handed very well but it does what it does best and gives you arguably the best media experience. It’s fulfilling my fear of missing out and does more than everything else.

There’s a huge difference between getting what I want and what I need. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is great in some situations but due to its size feels a little like wearing skis all year because you go in the winter. Whereas I know which phone I should use, to remove it as much from my life as possible.

These issues are all internal, and I am aware of this entirely. It’s a stupid issue to have, but I think about it nonetheless. Which one I choose my speak more about myself than actually about the phone.

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