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iPhone 12 Mini Wins

Listen. My iPhone 12 Pro review is about 3 weeks late at this point and may never see the light of day unless I pull my finger out. The words I have been trying to write abut this phone have been some of the hardest I have ever produced. Not because the iPhone 12 Pro isn’t good, it’s great, but because it doesn’t spark anything in me.

If you’ve used an iPhone in the last, well ever, you know what you’re getting and this new model is no different. In years gone by this would just be the new iPhone. Everyone would buy it and then be on their merry way to another year of iPhone use. But now, Apple produced a full-line up of iPhones and this year the iPhone 12 Pro sits in the middle and confuses pretty much everything.

So, when I set my hands on the iPhone 12 Mini it sparked something in me that I have not felt for a while. It was the same old iOS device I love, but it was different for a change. A truly modern smartphone in a small package (something like the iPhone 5s style) with pretty much nothing taken away.

This phone wins for me. I bought all three sizes this year and this by far is my favourite to use. I have returned all the others but kept this little bundle of joy. Half the time I don’t know where I have put my phone now, and that is the reason I love it so much.

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