Greg Morris

This Is Not A Note App

Above is a screenshot of my second brain. Taken from the compact graph view of Roam Research showing all of the things I have typed into it in the last few months and their connections to each other. I have fallen off a little recently and being lax in typing out my morning pages and keeping track of everything (see point above about habits) but this is truly one of the best platforms I have ever become invested in.

It contains all of my meeting notes, all of my to-do lists, all of my morning pages as well as everything else you would use a note app for. Combine this with Readwise, and it is starting to truly be my second brain and helping me retain more important stuff than ever. I have around 200 book and article notes stored in Roam, and the platform forms relationships between them without me doing anything, surfacing information to me at various points in the day to aid my life.

It doesn’t matter if I am writing meeting notes, or a blog post, I can easily research any topics and Roam will give me prompts when I have covered the same things before even if I have not linked them together before. Leading to me to retain much less things in my brain and allowing me to concentrate on what is really important. So referring to Roam as a note taking app, and sneering at the price is redundant to me and many others that find the value that it provides priceless.

Did you get value from this?

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