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What Does Success Look Like?

Before starting anything I do, no matter how small I find it important to think about what success in this task looks like. Some things are very simple, you don’t need to comprehend the end result of taking your rubbish out, but the benefit of thinking about the desired outcome for all of your tasks proves very beneficial.

Success is completely different for different people, and dependant on what the task at hand is. For many of the things I do on a daily basis it is producing something physical. Something I can hold in my hand or look at on a screen and be happy with. So success for me in these task is producing something that fulfils, or exceeds, the vision I had for it when I started. Taking an idea and forming a blog post about it is pretty easy, my success is producing something I can hit publish on.

I do not measure my success on the amount of views, likes or whatever metrics surround it. However it is important to consider this in other situations. So what does success look like to you? When do you consider this before starting a task? Try thinking about it before diving in, not afterwards, and you will see just how successful you really are.

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