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Start The New Year Right With Fitness Totals

Since the launch of iOS14 we’ve seen an influx of widgets for your Home Screen. Apple having finally launched a viable way for you to not only customise the look of your phone, but also gain access to information you need at a glance. So being the health conscious individual I am, I wanted something to help me display the data I need at a glance right on my home-screen and here it is – Fitness Totals.

Managing your long terms fitness goals can be extremely difficult and many options out there seemed to be aimed at athletes rather than those that want to just get active, or shed a bit of the Christmas plump put on over the festive period. Instead of making you feel out of place, Fitness Totals places the emphasis on your weekly and monthly activity totals. Giving you the option to display walking/running, but also cycling, swimming, and wheelchair pushes/distance.

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You can choose from a whole range of different widget options in both light and dark mode, as well as 14 different app icons. Meaning that you can tailor the experience to your taste and view the data you value, whenever you need it.

I have been testing the app through its beta period and finding it extremely useful for comparing those stats that really matter to me. Having taken up cycling this year, and particularly enjoying walks with my dog, it’s great to get all the data I value but not have to worry about starting workouts or feeding my information into another service. Fitness Totals plugs straight into Apple Health and uses on device processing, so your data never leaves your phone. You can send your fitness totals to others if you choose to. The sharing features are particularly useful for a bit of friendly competition and give you a bit of a push!

It doesn’t matter if you’re active like me or just thinking about a New Year’s resolution. You can download Fitness Totals from the App Store for just £2.99 and keep focused on your health.

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