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Fitness+ Thoughts

Just in time for the holidays Apple released Fitness + to the masses and it’s actually pretty good. The barrier to entry unfortunately is pretty high, needing an Apple Watch and a subscription, but I’ve tried it out a little due to having the Premier Apple One Bundle.

I’ve always wanted to get into yoga, but after attending a few ‘beginners classes’ that were definitely not for beginners, Fitness + has allowed me to get going at my pace. There are a huge range of workouts (not an ad) and I’ve enjoyed some HIIT training, with the only downside not being able to change the music and most of it is rubbish!

The biggest thing I have discovered though is the huge amount of these types of videos available for free on YouTube. Sure you don’t get the integration and display of your move-rings on screen, but some of them are brilliantly done. Just another thing that could help if your New Year’s resolution is to work out more, and it might just cut down your spending to — no one needs an expensive gym subscription.

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