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Dealing With Email | Chris Hannah

Chris wrote:

All of this is very much making me think about giving Hey a try. Except for the fact that I don’t want an email address.

This was a big sticking point for me at the start. However I forward all my email to my hey email address and use the actual address very rarely. I only give it out to people I know and this helps with the spam coming through. I don’t love having to use their email address however, because their are a few times I need to send email as an address – but thankfully these times are few and far between.

So I want to stop some emails getting through to me, but also once I’ve dealt with an email I want it to get out of the way.

I would LOVE Hey to be inbox zero, however everything hangs around instead. There are really well thought out ways to save emails for later so I have no idea why the others don’t go from your inbox but it’s not a game changer for me.

I’ll try to write about anything I try along the way, and hopefully, I can find a solution that fits my needs.

I get too much email, but thankfully using Hey has helped a lot. Its not perfect and I wish I habd looked at sane box before jumping in, but I’m excited to see where Chris gets to.

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