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I Didn’t Want To Move

There are many things in life I am never happy with but my content production is the biggest one. I’m never quite happy with anything I design, build or publish and my blog is always top of this list!

After a year on ghost I was getting frustrated with having to use Ulysses to publish – nothing wrong with the app, but it’s another cost to publishing. And also wanted to make my work more open on the web. Ghost does not support indieweb things such as micropub, web mention or pretty much anything despite its tendency to pitch itself as for “independent publishers”.

I love Ghost for looking clean, running fast and allowing me to publish my newsletter from the same blog. There’s no tracking, no fuss and nothing to break – unless an update breaks my blog that is!

In order to remove any friction whatsoever WordPress is the best. I can publish through micropub, Shortcuts or any number of apps. In fact I’ve published this very post in Apple notes and published through Shortcuts on my phone. However it’s slower, older and has a tendency to break.

So I’ve built something that allows me to publish posts to social media and also longer form things without any fuss. But I’ve lost control of my newsletter, it’s moved to Substack – which I’m not over the moon about but it’s not a massive deal.

I still almost just switched back to Ghost last night, I can’t bring myself to delete the droplet yet. But here we are, a fresh.

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