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I Don’t Get ‘It’

When speaking (over the internet of course) to Jeff Perry yesterday I realised a weird tendency I have to refer to ‘it’ wrong.

We were conversing on about, and I replied saying that “I just don’t get it”. The ‘it’ I was referring to is the hype around the app at the moment. I do understand the app, it seems really powerful and, to its part, fairly straight forward to get to grips with powerful features. I just find it very strange that some apps seem to go through these periods of evangelical usage and coverage that seem to spout from no where.

Craft is the current hotness, it has a small period when it first came out too, Notion also has these periods of expansion where it appears that not only is everyone using it, everyone is talking about how they use it, and telling you to try it out. I find it interesting that some services seem to be able to cultivate these periods of growth that spark in all of us some form of FOMO. It is these periods that I don’t ‘get’.

I guess this is why influencers exist and marketing people are paid so much money for the work they do. Paid to create conversation around the app and motivate people to go and learn about the app and see if it is for them. There is a whole world out there of ‘set up’ videos and blog posts of people telling you why this app is the best things ever. There’s a weird world of productivity videos out there and a new app rarely makes a difference without a change in you.

Although I have been working really hard to limit my subscription expenditure due to fatigue. More often that I care to admit I get swept away in these waves and spend money far too easily on apps I no longer use a week later!

BTW: Awesome YouTuber Chris Lawley has an upcoming video on Craft so make sure you’re subscribed to his channel if you do want to find out about it.

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