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Adopt The Opposite Position

Chris Wilson in Learn Create Share:

Sometimes we can get so caught in our ways of thinking, we become blind to what is right in front of us. One way around that is to adopt the opposite idea for a while. This could be a big idea (like a world view) or something small (like “wide angle lenses are the best for street photography”).

When you adopt the opposite view, you may confirm your traditional belief or approach. But you may also notice something different, something unexpected. Sometimes it’s a small thing (isolating a subject can lead to great effects in street photography) and sometimes its revolutionary.

Dare I admit this, but I have a habit of, as my Grandad would say, not seeing the wood for the trees. I often get bogged down in minute details that are incorrect but miss the larger meaning or intent of the opposing view.

In my defense some of my closest friends, including my wife, often have opposing view points I enjoy nothing more than trying to see where they are coming from and use this to better my own understanding. However, it’s always good to be reminded of our ability to adopt the other position, because sit quite often leads to great results.

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