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Reaching Out

It was so nice today to receive a text out the blue just asking if I was ok. It isn’t something I get very often, if at all, but to come from someone I ‘met on the web’ it meant so much more. With my wife suffering from COVID, one child to home school and another that needs constant care, as well as working full time from home, the pressures are starting to show.

I don’t have many ‘real’ friends as my wife would put it, because to be honest I don’t really have much spare time, and even less for the last year. However, I have met some really awesome people through social media, and specifically Twitter that I am happy to now call friends.

It made me think about reaching out to others more often. I’ve done it myself just recently and I really hope it has had the same effect on them, that the message I received today had on me. For something so small, it meant so much and gave me a real boost today as things get tough around here. Social media can often display a life that is nothing like the one actually being experienced, and mental health issues can strike anyone, at any time.

My renewed motivation has led me to setting a reminder for me to reach out to someone new each week and just catch up with them. I am hoping this small gesture will make sure we are all getting through the bad times and are able to reach the good times. I urge you all to do the same, reach out to a loved one, friend, colleague or neighbour and just check in. A brief message just saying you are thinking of them can mean the world in challenging times.

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