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Insular Bubbles

Mike Rockwell:

The problem with insular bubbles isn’t just that you’re surrounded by people that share the same world view. It’s also terribly problematic that every time an opposing viewpoint pokes through, it’s re-told and framed through the lens of someone that already disagrees with it.
You can’t expect to understand the argument unless you actually listen to someone that believes it whole-heartedly.

I am not sure what provoked Mike’s post, but it could be about any number of things in recent times. Living in a bubble feels amazingly great, you’re rewarded for feeling the same as everyone else and protected by people that feel the same as you. It’s simple biology that may be hardwired to enable us to find safe communities.

As pointed out above, this is dangerous for balanced thought and just general understanding of other people. Building a tolerance to other threads of thought is impossible to achieve when you are not even interested in the other side of the coin.

But why should we? AI and algorithms understand us better than other people, so we are quite contented living in our little bubble and have content surfaced for us to hit that little dopamine bubble. When someone crosses our path that has different beliefs than our own, why should we tolerate it?

To be a better human that’s why!

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