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♥️ Stadia

I’ve kept reasonably quiet about Stadia, and it’s predicted demise. Partly because I can’t be doing with the hassle and moaning, and partly because I am not that motivated that I want to argue the case for a huge corporation. However, since I first started playing on it a couple of months ago it has been a revelation.

It started out as a way of me feeling in with the crowd and playing Cyberpunk 2077 but has become a valuable way of my unwinding and catching up on all the gaming I have missed out on for the past few years. I’ve had a Switch on and off since launch but never got as in depth into playing as I am now. For some reason being able to pick up my controller and play on my phone, iPad, or on my TV whatever the situation really fits into my life.

I get next-gen graphics for a fraction of the price, and I’m loving almost everything about it. There are a few stutters sometimes, and not all the games I want to play are on it (hurry up FIFA 21) but the downsides are compromises I am willing to make. There are more and more games launching all the time, and my only criticism is related to all digital games — they are overly expensive!

Like I said, this isn’t an argument for Stadia, I have no strong feelings either way. You might have other views about it, that’s cool too. This is just my thoughts on me being able to play something that fits into my life. My enjoyment of playing has increased and instead of spending money on tech I seem to be bankrupting myself buying games!

If it goes away, I will be sad, but I’m not about to argue with you why you think it sucks. You do you, I’ll carry on playing Stadia. 🎮

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