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Cross Posting To Twitter

After trying and failing several times, I am starting to move further and further away from Twitter. I still check in every once in a while, but a good long break is helping to stop my impulses and curb my impusive usage.

I don’t hate Twitter, far from it, I love it, I just want it to do more than it does. It offers a platform that has barely moved forward for years, and just isn’t powerful enough for the modern web. So I still cross post everything to Twitter and visit perhaps once or twice a day to check my mentions. I might even scroll through if I am feeling particularly interested and see what is going on, but in the main part I stay away a lot more than I did.

Which has gotten me thinking about where it fits in and the image I want to portray. I deleted my Facebook account fully in 2017 after months of not using it because I didn’t want to appear like I was Ghosting people and this situation feels remarkably similar. I am sure people understand that a blog post is probably auto posted, but my posts appears as if I have posted them myself and slow or no replies seem a bit rude.

One of the reasons I love is because it is so slow. It is based around stopping, thinking, and writing a response properly. Taking a breather before you tweet is an important lesson, but one very rarely taken. So Twitter sometimes feels like a whole network built on “this is why you’re wrong” when in reality it is just the fast paced nature of the platform.

Twitters whole deal is instant, always on connection constantly being updated. So, slow replies don’t fit in here. I don’t want to appear rude, and I certainly don’t want to cut it off completely, but you may not get many replies from me anymore, and I hope that is ok.

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