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A Creature Of Habit

I wouldn’t say that daily routines are essential to me, but they are very highly ranked. I am a big creature of habit, and love to do the same things at pretty much the same time every day if possible. Working from home has only highlighted this further, and although it’s pretty weird to some people I have always loved to be in a routine.

Simple things like walking the dog in the morning completely throw me off if I can’t do them. This past period of self-isolation was brutal for that reason. I couldn’t do the things that I usually did, so I hated every second of it. Even right down to wearing similar things and eating similar dishes keeps me feeling in control of even a small portion of my day.

My morning consists almost entirely of routine-based planning, and Monday specifically needs to run like clockwork. After walking the dog, I make some coffee and sit down at my desk to start work. I have daily and weekly routines set up in Todoist to catch up on what needs to be done and plan the rest of my week. Once this is done, I must catch up with my team, and then the day can begin!

I think I need to keep these little routines because my day can then descend into chaos some days, with hospital appointments, a seemingly endless run of bad luck and loads to do at work, it’s important to keep some normality and my routines help me do this. Perhaps this is one of the reasons I love these daily challenge things so much, it keeps me in a routine for writing, or posting photos that I can keep track of and hopefully build up some good habits.

This post was Day 1 of the March Daily Blogging Challenge, and the prompt is : Routine.

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