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I Almost Forgot

It was by absolute chance that I remembered to post today’s blog post for the March blogging challenge. Even on the second day I almost didn’t make it to write out something, maybe I need to build this into a routine!

By pure luck I checked my RSS reader of choice (Reeder is the best) and I had at some point subscribed to the prompt feed. So, as luck would have it, the gods of chance were on my side. Otherwise I would have completely forgotten, as I did for the first week of the February photo posts!

I am not usually a lucky person, I’ve never won a lottery, nor any prizes I think ever. I often question what I did in a former life to be blessed with such lack of luck, but I have two beautiful kids and a nice house so I guess if life is a game of chance I am doing pretty well out of it. I could never consider myself completely unlucky, but in things that rely on a chance, the ball never falls in my court.

So today’s post is a little smaller than I would have liked because it is rushed between doing so many things. I won’t leave the other ones to chance and try and set up something to remind me earlier in the day.

This post was Day 2 of the March Daily Blogging Challenge , and the prompt is : Chance.

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