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What You Watchin

I know what most people think straight away. How many of todays posts are going to be about Apple watches? It was my first thought, because I do love my watch, but something more important watch related currently.

The world is in lockdown and we are all running out of stuff to watch. I feel like I have consumed the entire catalogue of Netflix series that are any good, and a few that were terrible but it couldn’t stop watching them (has anyone watched Living With Yourself?) just for something to do. Currently we are rewatching Sons Of Anarchy, and I’d forgotten most of what happens so some of it is new to me and after then we are a bit stuck.

Amazon Prime has some ok shows, but isn’t packed full of top notch series. American Gods is pretty, but very slow going considering the book is one of my all time favourites. So my question is — what you watching?

TV series and playing games have been really useful for me during lockdown to unwind and a few shows to keep me going would be great!

This post was Day 3 of the March Daily Blogging Challenge , and the prompt is : watch.

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