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On Third Party App Stores

For the longest time I have been a huge supporter of keeping iOS locked down as tight as possible. Not budging a single inch, because that is what is best for the consumer, and I shudder a little when I think about a future with Android style ‘openness’ on my iPhone.

Sure, Android provides much more customisation than iOS. It allows you to do a lot more things. Not absolutely anything you want, but not far off it. But it’s a long time since I desired anything like that from my phone, and much prefer the tap square get app way that iOS works — that’s just me. I would still gladly pay more for Apple to manage all my payments, and if truth be told I trust them much more than any other brand. I’m no fan boy, but when it comes to putting all my information on a bit of technology, I just trust them more and have confidence in the decisions they make to keep my information on my phone.

With all these things said. This trust I have in my fruity overlord is slipping, very quickly, and stories like the above keep popping up. I don’t ever think Apple will give up control of their platform, and nor should they, but they need to seriously step their game up to prove Apple’s arguments correct. Keeping control needs to be better for customers and as it currently stands, it is but not by a lot.

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