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I Did It!

You may have noticed my absence from almost absolutely everything over the weekend. No blogging, no posting, and very little social media updates other than a few Instagram stories celebrating each mini victory. Thats because I had a weekend filled with pain and very little sleep running 48 miles over two days.

I ran four miles, every four hours, for 48 hours and it was the most challenging thing I have ever done. I learnt a lot about myself and what I can actually do, all thanks to deciding to do something nuts to raise money for charity. It has pushed me to awfully close to the limits in pain endurance, sleep deprivation and sheer mental toughness and I have to say I enjoyed it!

Looking back at the fitness stats it looks insane! I reached 640% of my move goal (600) on Saturday and more than 400% on Sunday also. Burning around 7,800 calories in three days is just mind blowing for me to think about. Sure, a long bike ride can equal it but combined with the stopping and starting every 4 hours meant it felt much worse than even running a marathon. I took in very little as my stomach just wouldn’t tolerate much, so I think I’ve dropped quite a bit of weight too! But enough about me.

Thank you to all of those that donated to Newlife Charity, this is one very close to my heart and one that has helped me out tremendously when no one else would. The thoughts of the children and families they help kept me going during the dark moments. Particularly those in the middle of the night, when every finer of my body is screaming at me to stop running. I was able to focus on getting through each run at a time knowing the money would be used to help people that are not as lucky as me, and desperately need support.

But this isn’t a sales pitch, it’s not a plea for more money, not a grab for attention. It is a thank you, those that have supported me through this, sent me message and congratulated me on the completion means a lot to me. When times are tough, I know people can pull together and offer support in whatever way they can.

Once again thank you to those that donated. I am resting up and recovering well.

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