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Homescreen March 2021

I want to try and keep a post or page updated with the tools I am using and apps I have installed. I gain so much insight into the ways others use their devices from these types of posts so it’s only fair I do the same.

Very little ever changes about my phone but the apps sometimes revolve around. At different times of the year different apps become more important. So new ones appear on my single homescreen and some drop off.

The apps I need access to can be split into four basic categories.

  • Audio – Podcasts have become a lot less important since COVID due to no commuting. I still listen to the occasional show whilst walking in Pocketcasts, but I’ve been consuming more audio books lately.
  • Reading – I love reading and my iPhone is one of the devices I use most as it’s always on me. Instead of scrolling Twitter I now open up Reeder or Pocket and catch up on things.
  • Photos – I like to keep the camera and gallery app near by, at least until the iPhone gets a camera button!
  • Writing – everything goes in Bear now. I’m slowly migrating away from using Roam after falling out of love with it and wanting to spend less on digital services. It’s a great platform but it’s getting a bit lost and no proper app doesn’t help.

I also have as my main social media fix. I also find a lot to read here, as well as awesome photos. Wavelength is something I am thinking of using to start a small podcast.


I mainly use Reminders to store things I need to do. However I am looking at bringing back something more robust for projects — hence Todoist and Things installed currently.

The larger Headspace widget helps me remember to use it more often. I love meditation and it’s part of my 2021 improvements to do it more often. The rest are self explainatory, Shortcuts are always around here somewhere.

Wallpaper by AR7

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