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I’m An Advert, Calm Down

Feeling the need to defend Apple because another brand made an advert is a strange logic. Sure, the adverts are weird (no he’s not “just a normal guy”) but this really shouldn’t get the emotional response it has. A multi-trillion dollar company certainly does not need you to defend them. If anything the macBook speaks for itself in the market it is made for — which has very little cross over in the market this advert is aimed at.

Intel has been trying, and failing to become a brand in their own right for years. Remember the intel inside adverts? This new round of adverts are another attempt to do that, and picking a fight is the new way of doing business.


The powers that be at Intel still want to be recognised as more than just the chip that’s stuffed into your laptop, and as other brands start to muscle in on their territory they need to lash out at a big company. Remember that no-one that buys a laptop at a lower price point than £1000 really gives a damn about new chips from Apple. They may see a macBook as an aspiration, but they don’t settle for an Intel laptop instead because they are compatible. They buy what they can afford, which is usually as cheep as possible, and be on their way.

If anything their biggest comparison as connectivity improves are Chromebooks, but they can’t very well start lashing out at Samsung and Lenovo because they want to sell them chips for their other computers.

No, its logical that Intel would talk about Apple and at the same time big up all our business partners machines, it’s a win-win situation. Their chips will continue to be stuffed into the vast majority of computers sold and things will carry on as normal — like you should.

We know comparing MacBook to most laptops is Apple and Oranges, but who cares. It’s an advert…. Calm down.

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