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For the past few days, I have been looking into the new notes app, Craft. It has been lauded up as the best app currently available, so understandably I wanted to take a proper look. I rage quite a couple of times previously because it was missing loads of things and wanted to charge £45 a year, but this time I went deep.

I posted a long thread about strange little bits that hadn’t been thought through properly. Including some weirdness with sharing vs exporting and poor implementation on Markdown. Perhaps the tendency to try to make it too powerful has lead to oversight in the ways it can actually be used. In an attempt to be more things to more people it feels more than a little lost.

It looks almost like an online Notion in places, and would allow me to store a lot of work related text files and PDF I have currently in folders easier, and allow them to be updated effortlessly. The exporting options in PDF and Word Doc look great and fulfils most of the things I often need to email to people — but I digress. The real root of this is thinking about UX rather than UI.

I can’t help but compare it to Notion in the fact that it too suffers from this slightly lost feeling. All the things have been thrown in, but thinking about actually using them takes more brain power than it actually should do. This is of course all my opinion. These things may have been thought about and decisions made that lean the other way from my usage. However, I am not alone in this feeling, reassured by several people on Twitter that they came to the same conclusion that leads me to believe that the UX need some serious attention.

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