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The Value Of Your Words

Patric Rhone on writing a blog post instead of tweets

please place any idea worth more than 280 characters and the value Twitter places on them (which is zero) on a blog that you own and/or can easily take your important/valuable/life-changing ideas with you and make them easy for others to read and share.

The biggest thing I see people get stuck on is what to write about – and the answer is everything.

Indeed,there is a certain level of pomposity (both external and internal) you must get past to write a blog post instead of a tweet. That is why it feels so comfortable to stick to where you know best, but the words you are putting out deserve more. They deserve to be owned, published and not left to rot away.

Sure, I’d rather these words come out than not. With Andy having an understandable
rebuttal to writing a blog post.

Sharing your views should be encouraged in whatever medium is best. But don’t you think the creative things you’re typing out are important enough? I think they need to be shared better. Linked to, written about and saved to aid others.

They don’t deserve to die and fade away once the newsfeed scrolls over them. Tweets don’t last, that’s part of why they feel so easy to write out. It’s why you feel so comfortable.

Twitter is “just heading to yoga” it’s not for passing on your ideas. Place some value on your words, please.

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