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My Set-Up And Want For Less

In the middle of last year I was debating my surrounding technology, and 8 moths later I am still doing the same thing. Yet, this time, I don’t want more from it, I want less.

My desire to make my set-up more is also contrasted to my need to make my computer more discreet. A more minimal approach to my office would make me much more comfortable, as well as win me some Instagram points! I don’t like a great big iMac stuck on my desk, so I am leaning more towards something like the LG Ultra Fine or an ultra-wide display which I could mount to a wall and also use with my Switch.

Whilst I want my set-up to deliver more, I want it to do so with as little intrusion as possible. Be flexible and work in many scenarios. Sounds like I am describing an iPad doesn’t it — sorry to disappoint. The iPad falls down at too many tools that I used to be an option any more.

So, where to go, what to do? I have no idea. Since working from home, and ditching a few projects in my life, I have managed to slim down the amount of technology that I need around. Unfortunately, in contrast to this the time spent using a computer has increased tremendously due to working commitments that have taken over from personal projects.

There is something great about being able to just put a laptop away and its out of site, but WFH and needing a larger screen and a comfortable desk set up means this is also a no go. Thinking about the amount of room that technology takes up in my home, as well as my life is a scary thing. I want it to be less, but much like my desire to remove a smartphone, it’s just never going to happen.

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