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My Favourite Apple Device

To steal some inspiration from Gabz I wanted to write about my favourite Apple device I own. For which I own loads of them — Apple Watch, iPhone 12 Pro, iPad Pro, iMac Pro, MacBook Pro (Pro all the things) — but these pale in comparison to my absolute favourite AirPods Pro.

Since I purchased the original version within minutes of them going on sale, AirPods have been my go-to headphones for almost all situations. Before which I’d had a long stream of different ones and had to keep several around for different activities. I had Bose QC35 for music, Beats X for the gym and different headphones for running. Although I still put on some Powerbeats Pro for long-distance running, the newer Pro AirPods replaced everything else with ease.

What has further cemented their place in my heart has been the recent pandemic. They are invaluable for video calls, long telephone calls and catching me up with my podcast feed whilst walking the dog.

They are not perfect, but there are. It many things to improve. To mirror Gabz thoughts I love the physical buttons on the Powerbeats Pro, but it would be impossible to feature these in the small design. In fact, I would be hard pushed to think of any major improvements that would push me to upgrade to a new version. Even the battery life has been great for me, although that is bound to start to drop as they get older.

Sure the iPhone 12 is great, I quite like my iPad but is easy to pick my favourite device, and it’s also perhaps the cheapest one I have.

When Apple talk about the Apple Watch as their most personal device, I’d have to also put my AirPods Pro in that category. They are never very far away from me, and even fit in that weird small pocket in my jeans, so I always know where they are.

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