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How Facebook Makes Money

Karen Hao on Facebooks misinformation addiction:

The algorithms that underpin Facebook’s business weren’t created to filter out what was false or inflammatory; they were designed to make people share and engage with as much content as possible by showing them things they were most likely to be outraged or titillated by

I know I keep bleating on about this but it’s easy to forget this, so it’s important to remind people that you come across that don’t understand.

Eyes on the feed = more money for Facebook.

It doest matter if the information makes you happy, sad, angry or gets people killed. Hell it doesn’t matter I the stuff being shared is even factually correct. Facebook need that attention to make money and at no point will they make moves to curb the level of attention they attempt to grab from you.

They can make PR moves and spin changes however they like but its all theatre. This goes for all other large scale social media too. It’s bad for you, its bad for society.

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