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Eating Habits Have Been Hacked

Davie Davies speaking to Hooked author Michael Moss:

During the pandemic, he says, many people have sought comfort in the snacks they remember from childhood. “We went into the store, and we started buying products we hadn’t had since we were kids,” he says — recalling “great joyous moments.”

It’s only when you step back and look around when buying food you realise that a sorry state the world is in.

Our brains and bodies have been hacked by nostalgic food, bright colours and gimmicks to a point of almost no return. A point further highlighted by the pandemic as we all reached for something that made us feel better and take our mind of the doom and gloom.

This is fine in the short term but when you look at all the psychology used by brands it’s reminiscent of social media manipulation. The whole world is out to sell us something and to hell with the repercussions.

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