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Small Changes, Big Effects

I’ve changed my morning routine little by little over the last few weeks and it has made a huge difference.

I feel like I am stealing the idea a little, because Matt D’Avella made a brilliant video about small changes at the end of last year which inspired me so I cant take the full credit.  However after months of searching on how to put good habits into my life, it seems I have found the answer — slow and steady wins the race.

Introducing small, achievable things to do each day is the key to making much bigger changes in your life. I started with small things like meditate and go for a walk, setting a reminder each day and ticking them off. This soon evolved into exercising each morning and walking the dog before 7am by just moving slowly.

I have always wondered why people get obsessed by successful peoples morning routines. Perhaps they are trying to find something in them that will change their own life and make them successful too. This is bonkers, but I am in a different mindset to morning routines now. You don’t need to go all out, but changing small things can really set you up for the day. I was in no rush to change everything and not be able to keep it up, but just one new thing every couple of weeks has been a huge revelation.

What small, achievable thing could you do to improve your day?

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