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Web-log all the things

Cory Doctorow reflecting on years of bloging:

Peter “peterme” Merholz coined the term “blog” as a playful contraction of “web-log” — like a ship’s log in which hardy adventurers upon the chaotic virtual seas could record their journeys.

This makes both perfect sense and is baffling all the same. This puts the act of blogging into a completely new(old) context. The current modern task is to write articles and build a brand to sell. Where as the way blogging should be is to communicate with others and log what you’re doing.

On the flip side of this, Social Media has taken over all of the logging for us, leaving just the longer ‘essays’. Which way around it should be is up to you, but I’d love to see more return to a web-log — wouldn’t you?

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