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Bring The Humans Back!

Amelia Tait on algorithms taking creativity out of social media:

In the future, social media giants should bring back more of the human touch. In the real world, trusted individuals curate our museums, galleries and music festivals – why don’t we have the same approach to creative content online?

I guess this very much depends on the scope of 230. The old definition for the protection was that if you did any moderating then you were liable, but seeing as moderating is a product of scale where does this get to?

Human curation would be lovely to have, it works pretty well on, but you very quickly start to see the issues. Bias and control starts to show even at very low levels, so in large scale social media it would become impossible.

We can still dream though. A time where algorithms couldn’t be gamed by spamming content, where people took pride in the content surface on their website, and the cream always rose to the top. Happy time.

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