Greg Morris

Changing Decisions

Seth Godin on making a new decision:

If we’re going to go forward, it’s because something has changed. It might be that our situation is different, that the story we tell ourselves is different, that the times have changed or that your offering has. It might be that we trust you more.

There is a lot of differing opinions when people change their decisions. The weirdest for me is when some think that changing your position makes you weak, or that you can’t be trusted. When in fact it shows a much larger ability to be balanced in your thoughts.

The common derogative term is “flip-flopping” and while never being set on your position is a bad thing, or as my Granddad would say “always being on whatever boat is floating” — when the situation changes there is absolutely nothing wrong with changing the way you approach it.

In fact it is the correct thing to do.

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