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Julian Summerhayes on The love of writing:

Sure, it doesn’t have to be here which technically, I suppose, is a breach of my (self-imposed) embargo on social media but a blog (don’t ask me why) feels different. It sounds a bit woo-woo but it feels like I’m conversing with the Universe. No, not necessarily that one, but the one that circles the compass of my life.

I love Julians writing, it’s always filled with thought provoking ideas and often leads me asking questions about myself and the universe. His love of writing always shines through and he happens to be on a similar logged off embargo to myself.

Writing and blogging doesn’t feel like social media. It doesn’t feel like being ‘online’ but it can come with the same trappings if you get bogged down in sharing it everywhere. You have no idea what people are saying about you because no one seems to leave comments or write replies any more, if there was more interaction on the web without having to get super nerdy on the indie web then maybe we could all quit Twitter.

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