Greg Morris

Deactivated Twitter

This week I chose to deactivate my Twitter account at least temporarily. There was no single reason for doing this, because if there was I am sure it would of happened long before now. It is simply because I don’t like the way using Twitter makes me feel. I have written before about my love of the service, but the amount of time and attention it takes away from me. I just want to experience boredom again.

Every waking moment when I have a spare moment I would find myself just opening up Twitter. I say myself because this happens without conscious thought. I don’t decide to check it, my habit just kicks in and I am scrolling through the latest things being canceled or people moaning about whatever today’s thing is before I am even aware of it.

I know I’m an addict because Twitter hacked itself so deep into my circuitry that it interrupted the very formation of my thoughts. …a corporation that operates against my best interests has me thinking in 280 characters. Every thought, every experience, seems to be reducible to this haiku, and my mind is instantly engaged by the challenge of concision – Caitlin Flanagan for The Atlantic.

You see, I have learnt to avoid the rabbit holes as much as possible, but being mindful of the habit and the time wasting has been enough to wake me up to the fact it is simply not good for me. The real issue is that I miss some of the people that I interact with on Twitter and no where else. I have some very close friends that I wonder if they will just fall away, however what keeps me going is the fact that true friendships find a way to continue.

I don’t see myself falling away completely, I would like my account to still exist just in case I want to go back one day, or to check every now and again. However at the moment I don’t trust myself, I must break this addiction. This is the only way.

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