Greg Morris

One Mans Junk Is Another Mans Treasure

Chris Hannah on the subjectivity of weeds:

For example, when reading a product review, whether it’s an app or a computer, it’s important to remember that a weed to them might not necessarily be a weed to you. So you need to take into consideration any biases that the reviewer might hold themselves, before applying their findings to your situation.

This comes up a lot when talking about iPads as Chris points out but also absolutely anything that you can form an opinion on. One of the most important skills is to figure out where the other person is coming from, any biases that have an affect of their opinions. As well as other deciding factors.

I often find when looking at reviews the cons pointed out don’t really matter to me, or seem harsh and more often than not some of the features that they enjoy don’t work in a way that I need. A weed is only a weed of you don’t want it there.

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