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What Happened To Rich People?

This week, Jeff Bezos went to space. I am not interested enough to get emotional about it, although some people are. I am also not going to use this to launch into an anti-Amazon tirade, because I could. I have simply been thinking that I long for a time when people with loads of money gave it back.

In my youth, multi-millionaires spent their wealth building public buildings, donating to schools and putting their name on things that helped. All they seemed to want was to massage their ego with a library named after them, not disappear into the sky inside a phallic shaped rocket. People of the UK became used to Richard Branson trying to go around the world every now and again, but the rest of them were benefactors to things that made our community better.

I am sure Bezos et al do give money away but it makes you really think when they pull stunts like this. Its become a meme that they could fix world hunger but instead choose to do x, but maybe its time they become accountable for something. Instead of launching something into orbit, or trying to get to Mars, they take a look around and choose something to fix because there are plenty of things on this planet that need attention.

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