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Be Happy It Happened

Recently myself and my wife were talking about death. Nothing happened, it’s just the weird way our minds work and we often end up walking down strange conversational paths, and this one was no different. We both have very different view points on passing on, and although I have no ability to affect the way others feel or what they do after I go, I know one thing for sure — no sadness.

My words were along the lines of “if any of you lot wear black to my funeral I will haunt you”. Which is my tongue in cheek way of making my point that although I am sure you are sad I am gone, please celebrate the time I was here. I’m not egotistical enough to claim everyone should feel blessed I was in their lives, but please be happy of the legacy I leave behind. Even if it is dad jokes and bad blog posts. Be happy you had something and not sad it’s gone.

Then it suddenly hit me. This is exactly the opposite of what I have been doing about working from home. I have been moping around and morning the loss of WFH instead of being happy that I had the opportunity to experience it for more than a year. I had no right to work from home, but had an excellent experience that I was lucky to have. An experience, during a pandemic, that many did not have and their lives have changed for the worse because of it.

Like a marriage break up or a loss, I am happy that I managed to have this experience. I really enjoyed it, I am more than open to returning to something like it in the future and in actual fact I will strive to achieve it. However I realise that I am not entitled to work from home, there are many benefits to being in a more social environment. Although I do need lots of down time to recharge my batteries, I like being able to work collectively in person as it suits me well.

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