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My Trust In Reviews

Chris Wilson on How do you know if they’re a good app reviewer?

Would you more trust a reviewer who jumps apps as often as they change clothes or one who hasn’t changed app in years? The one who always changes probably is probably too interested in novelty over real usefulness, but the long term user might be too stuck in their ways.

I have been thinking a lot about reviews lately as I dive back into cameras and lust after about a million different lenses. Over the past year I have begun to have a thick layer of distrust against almost anyone doing reviews. YouTube especially has gone from being an invaluable resource when researching into a purchase, to something that provides very little value.

This isn’t just tech. It’s cameras, cars, days out, almost every company trying to sell you stuff has infiltrated the world of online reviews and it’s a pain. Unless I know the reviewer or the person making the video I find myself having to watch multiple people saying almost exactly the same thing until I switch off. I get the need for income if you want to ‘make it big’ and I know a lot of people watch these kinds of videos as entertainment, but when I am trying to research something now I am a bit stuck.

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