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Where is your community?

Carl Barenbrug going In Search of Alternative Community Platforms:

Although I wouldn’t go as far as saying I entirely dislike them, I feel I could experience much better and healthier communities and technologies than those I have found on the likes of Instagram and Twitter.

I completely get this feeling. I am constantly looking for somewhere where I fit in and people share the same outlook as me, and because of the way most social platforms work they all suck. They seem to all want my attention, want to force conversations on me, and don’t do enough to grow communities on them. [[Social Media In 2021]]

I love Twitter, and that’s part of the problem. Yet I always get this sinking feeling when I use it for a bit. A feeling of dread, doom and stress instead of interacting with like minded people. Yet I have to still us it, not least because my brain won’t let me quit it [[twitter-muscle-memory]], but more for the (at least fleeting) feeling that I am being social.

I’ve tried and although the people on there are lovely, if your face doesn’t fit or you opinions on things are different it can suck. Mainly because the people are all pretty similar. [[bye-micro-blog]] However I am convinced that the smaller, paid for communities are the answer it is just a matter of how to find them.

As Carl signs off with.

It’s only going to be through experimenting with other community platforms that this will become clearer to me.

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