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For Money, or For You?

Matt Baer on Writing Just Because:

we can see how lonely it might be to sit in a room and constantly create “content” so that we might one day reach financial success or high status. We’re each lonely individuated language machines, pumping out words (no matter what they are) for a far-off “audience” to easily digest. We mentally live in the future where we’re successful and recognized, instead of the present moment where real creation happens.

A spent much of this post nodding along to the thoughts on difference in writing for money and just for yourself. I’ve never been one to try and build a brand, or I’m rubbish at it, I am not sure which — but needing to write posts for money seems like it would suck.

The platform issues that Matt talks about a side, the reality is that you must now constantly churn out the ‘content’ your readers want or that overseers dictate. This changes the whole communication objective. Very quickly becoming stale and removing much of the social aspects that are enjoyable about of writing a post on the internet anyway. Pushing out words to tick boxes and make other people happy instead of asking questions and starting conversations.

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