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Not Just A Question Of Economics

Federico in his iPad Mini review:

The new iPad mini has no such aspirations. Instead, the iPad mini flips the iPad Pro aesthetic on its head and asks: what if the iPad Pro’s industrial design, with its focus on gestures and the display, could also work in a tablet that is unashamedly portable and designed to be held at all times, rather than propped up on a keyboard?

This is one of the huge points that I have failed to articulate. Not since the first iPad Pro have I picked up a device and instantly been convinced it will change everything.

Not because it’s small, and light – it is obviously. But because it’s not trying to be an iPad Pro at all. There is no keyboard for me to buy and no lofty aspirations that I should be using it for ‘real work’. It’s just an iPad.

One I can throw in my bag and take anywhere. Read in bed and catch up on my favorite tv shows whilst sitting in the car. Whilst indeed the iPad Air is not too much more expensive it feels like a cheaper iPad Pro. Whereas the mini is just what I need as an accompanying device to everything else I have. I could do all these things on a bigger iPad, or a bigger phone, but I don’t want to.

This isn’t a device for everyone, but it’s perfect for me.

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