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You Probably Don't Need A New Thing

Patrick Tomasso in his iPhone 13 Pro review:

Learn how to do the things you want to do instead of buying things hoping it will allow you to do the thing you want to do.

It’s a bit of a joke among photographers the number of times people say to you something along the lines of “you take really good photos you must have a nice camera”. There is no response to this statement that allows people to grasp the stupidity in what they said other than handing them the camera and telling them to take some good photos.

Which is an arrogant thing to do. However, the fact remains that the camera is just a tool. Granted, some cameras can sometimes improve certain aspects in photos but the results are because of the person using the tool.

Which all the words are set up to lead me into saying the same thing Patrick says in his video. You don’t need to spend money to become a thing, you just need to learn the skills needed. You don’t need an iPhone 13 Pro to take better pictures no matter what Apple tells you in their marketing. The cameras are great, but they were great in the models that went before them. The most important thing is to keep taking photos and improving.

This appears in so many places in photography. The believed need to get a full frame camera, and new lens, loads of kit is all consumerism and nothing more. I am not pro, but I have improved so much using APSC cameras and ‘cheep’ lenses, and I still take rubbish pictures even with a ‘better camera’.

Concentrate on learning, not spending.

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