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A New Home

I know what you're thinking…. again! This time I haven't fallen out with myself and moved just because someone else told me how good their blogging platform is. Or decided that I want to try to quit something yet again. This time it's a little more important because I have got my hands on a new domain and wanted to build something to last.

After years of trying, literally the first time I tried was 2014, I have managed to purchase It took a while of going backwards and forwards with domain buyers, but here we are. Now that I have a domain that reflects me a little better, I wanted a website that reflects what I am up to. It didn’t seem right just porting my scruffy WordPress blog and I have been lusting after something more portfolio based for a long time.

My first thoughts were to implement my photography into my blog posts here on Ghost, but I annoy enough people with the range of things I post about that I didn’t want to worsen it with my photos too. So I built this.

It isn’t all my work. The theme started off as Edge, a photography-based theme that is official and free. The theme looks lovely, but I dusted off my skills and made a blog page to go with it that is brand new. I also tidied up the CCS, made things my own and implemented a dark mode (your eyes will thank me). I’ve worked really hard on it, hence the radio silence for a while and dedicated a lot of my time to learning many new skills. Likewise, I keep expecting things to break, but they seem OK at the moment as long as I don’t keep playing with it.

What about GR36?

Nothing will happen with that domain for a while. All of my posts have moved over, but redirecting all the historical traffic I get will take some time for me to work out how to do it best. I will more than likely keep the domain around for the foreseeable, and do something with it once I am happy that everything is done correctly. I am a little sad that after more than a decade blogging might die off, but I am excited that my website better reflects my interests.

For the next few weeks, expect internal links to be a little broken on my new website as I update everything. I kept all the permanent link structure the same, but there is no avoiding a complete domain change. I have a new RSS feed which I may point the GR36 one at shortly.

I would love to know your feedback and opinions on anything I should change, privately if possible.

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