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A Writing Kanban

I am a simple soul that falls for far too many marketing ploys. Companies don’t even have to put much effort in, either. I listen to people on the internet far more than I should do. It only takes a post like this by Josh Gunter for me to clean up my Ulysses set up and dive back into it again.

This could be the fourth or fifth time I have returned to using Ulysses. I’m never quite sure why I stop, I just get destructed by the new hottest thing and have my head turned. I try almost every new thing because, as Josh says in the opening live of his Ulysses set up post, “I have these on-again, off-again relationships with certain types of apps”. Although he doesn’t with writing apps, these and task managers are my weakness — but after last time I really should have learnt my lesson.

Enough self deprivation, let’s move on. I found the idea of a kanban set up of-sorts inside Ulysses interesting. Although my usual use of an inbox and folders for deferent types of post weren’t a million miles away, this is another step towards regular posting. For me, it’s all about getting things down on paper, at least digitally. It’s easy to forget ideas, or lose them in another notes app, but storing everything in an inbox or ideas folder should help me write more. It also won’t hurt to allow me to delete a few once the idea has settled a little!

By moving things down the question a little, I am already writing a bit more when I have a few moments, or checking over posts that I need to edit. Filling a few moments with writing or jotting down notes rather than anything else. Storing ideas and links for posts is also easy with Shortcuts integrations with Ulysses, I may share this Shortcut once I have settled on a set-up I am happy with. You never quite know with me, I might be on to the next thing pretty soon, but this setup should push me to publish more. Please check it out for yourself and see if this setup could improve your workflow to.

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