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Sterling helps bring meditation to the masses

Raheem Stirling speaking to Wired about the benefits of meditation:

It’s only now that I can see the benefits of such a practice on people of all ages and I’m really looking forward to the difference we can make together in developing the conversation around mental health, educating on tools and resources that can help people manage everyday challenges.

I wrote a while ago about the strange response you get from suggesting meditation to others. The perception of meditation is still very varied. Although now more than ever people seem open to trying new practices to improve their mental health, meditation is still a bit woo woo for most.

Heaven forbid you utter the word mindfulness. Marketing companies seem to have ruined this word for anyone to use, carrying with it all kinds of hippie visions.

Anything that brings this wonderful practice to more people, and allows others to see the benefits to almost everything in their life is a benefit. I am excited to see where this goes.

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