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I Love Christmas Lights

Snapped this whilst out walking the dog earlier. I’ve taken it before with my camera, but there is something about the Christmas lights I see when walking my dog in the evening that fills me with joy. They are not over the top, not the most lavish afraid but beautiful in the dark evening.

Christmas always make me think about those that have gone before. Times I spent as a child growing up with all my extended family, eating and drinking until we can’t stuff anything else in. We couldn’t afford loads of presents, I wanted a Mega Drive one year, but my mum could only afford a Master system, but we always spent loads of time together. Always at my Grandmas house and always doing the same things as clockwork.

I went from a small child not really wanting to be sat at a table eating food or playing with my toys on the floor to an adult helping to lay the table and joining in the conversation. Until my Grandfather passed away, and my Grandma became too frail to host us all and the mantle passed to me for a few years. In 2021, it will be just us four now, Team Morris.

We have built our own traditions, things we do every year, and made the day ours. The reason I love the lights so much is that it tells me how far I have come, grown older, but never lost the focus on the things that really matter. Spoiling our kids with things they want, but still stuffing ourselves to completion.

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